JULY HOMELESS OUTREACH RECAP | We held a small outreach July 23 at Wildwood Park in San Bernardino. Small, because it was just the two of us and because the park family had temporarily dwindled in number.

For some it was the heat (110 degrees) that drove them from the park to indoor locations—libraries, fast food restaurants, or the air-conditioned apartments of local friends.

For others, it was illness, loss or incarceration.

Kathye (who received Christ during our June outreach) was away, temporarily allowed to stay with a family member. Together they are grieving the loss of Kathye’s son, who was fatally shot last week.

Another park resident, Larry, was taken to the hospital with a severe illness and yet another was incarcerated due to a parole violation. Several more are just “missing,” and no one knows where they have gone.

Such is the transient nature of our encounters. We never know on any given outreach whether it will be the first, last or only time we have to share the gospel and the compassionate love of Jesus Christ with someone.IMG_1157-WEB

This outreach we were blessed to meet Michael and Brenda, fellow believers in Christ experiencing homelessness because of a temporary setback, and Kurt, who shared how the Lord is drawing him back to his faith despite his current struggles.

Kurt’s testimony included how he had been encouraged by Scott (in whom the Lord worked a deliverance miracle at last month’s outreach). Kurt said he had seen a change in Scott, and that even when he offered to buy Scott a drink (alcohol) recently, Scott declined saying “I don’t do that anymore.”

So we never know what seeds the Lord may be planting in us and through us.

IMG_1149-WEBAnd you are part of this work, part of these life-changing miracles and moments. By supporting us through your time, your prayers and your donations, you are helping to reach hungry and hurting souls.

Not just with words, but also with love, practical help and, as the Lord moves, miracle moments that change a life for eternity.

Through your generous support we were able to provide food cards, Bibles, water (lots of it!), hygiene kits and some “Fiesta Pack” meals to about 10 people in the park. We also provided two pairs of new socks to a man who had none and a pair of new shorts to a young man whose current pair was in tatters.

If you would like to be a part of this ministry, please consider joining us for an upcoming outreach (Watch our Events page for dates and locations), or visit our How You Can Help page to discover other ways you can get involved.

We thank God for each and every one of you!

Tony and Koren

P.S. You’ll find more pictures (and also prayer requests) on our Facebook page.