APRIL PRISON OUTREACH | One by one they gathered, some with Bibles in hand, until 10 men sat round a table in a small room at Pilot Rock Conservation Camp. Familiar faces smiled, while others looked nervously about, wondering what to make of our small group.

“What denomination?” asked one man.

“Christian,” came our reply. “Followers of Jesus.”

He nodded soberly and opened his Bible, ready for the Word to come. Moments later we all joined in song, resounding choruses of “Christ is Risen/He is Alive” filling the room.

We had come here tired, and with that fatigue arose a familiar doubt: is anything we’re doing making a difference? Suddenly, gazing into the eager faces of these men, we were reminded of another room, thousands of years before this one, where a small group of discouraged disciples heard the same news we shared: Christ is Risen!


So began our Resurrection Sunday service at the prison and a rekindling of Holy Spirit fire and fervor within our hearts. We were not making the difference. Rather, Christ is the One who makes the difference in every life He touches. Our job is to carry the message to others and walk with Him wherever He leads us.

“Christ makes the difference…Our job is to carry

the message and walk with Him wherever He leads.”

We had an incredible service at Pilot Rock. We sang songs, read from the Bible, prayed, and gave a message that covered the journey from Good Friday through to Christ’s resurrection. The men were hungry for the Word and wanted more. We shared communion and spent two hours in the scriptures, prayer and worship together.

Camp officials also approved the music and teaching CDs we had dropped off months earlier, and so we were able to give these to the men, who will now have music and Bible study CDs for use during their personal time. The men also received special Easter (Resurrection Sunday) devotionals, Daily Bread devotionals, Gideon bibles, and snacks—Twinkies and cupcakes provided by Rita Beasley and the Gideon Women’s Auxiliary—and as much love as we could give them. The love we received back was overwhelming, and we can’t wait to return next month.

Bible Study Materials Needed

Can you help with a small request? We need devotionals and Christian books that will help these men dig deeper into the Word of God and draw closer to our Lord Jesus. If you can donate these materials (can be slightly used or new), please contact us.

Please continue to keep the men of Pilot Rock in prayer. They are the inmates who serve in emergencies such as fire and floods throughout California. Pray for their safety, for changed lives and for a strong relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (Prayer warriors can find the men’s individual prayers on our Facebook page.)

May the Lord bless you all for your prayers and support, and may He continue to draw the men of Pilot Rock to salvation and life in Jesus Christ.


Tony and Koren