APRIL HOMELESS OUTREACH |Turnout was low, but we still ministered to nearly 20 people during our April 19 Easter homeless outreach in San Bernardino, Calif. Twelve individuals even joined us for our “church on the street” service.

We celebrated with music, scripture reading, a message of hope and—for the very first time—communion on the street! Everyone received a $5 food card (redeemable at a local fast food restaurant), a hygiene kit, a Gideon Bible and as many clothes, socks, shoes and coats as they could carry.

Our deepest gratitude is offered to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to all the faithful Street People volunteers and supporters: Koren, Josh, Leslie, Paul, Christine, Shaun, Russ, Crestline First Baptist Church, The Gideon Lake Arrowhead Camp, Trust One Components and the mountain residents and churches who continue to pray for and donate to this ministry.

Thank you also to all of our prayer warriors! By God’s grace, you are shining a huge light into the darkness and bringing hope to hungry souls. The collected prayer requests are posted on our Facebook page (we use first names only to protect the privacy of the individuals).

Thanks & Blessings,

Executive Director