JULY HOMELESS OUTREACH| After rescheduling twice due to rain, fires and illness, we opted to go low-key and unplugged for our July 25 outreach. We set up a blanket, played worship songs and shared the gospel with about 10 homeless people.

A man named John joined us briefly, and then chose to walk away, because he didn’t want to hear about Jesus or “religion.” We later spoke with him and prayed with him, asking the Lord to show up mightily and tangibly in John’s life and save him. John says he has read the whole Bible and studied other religions and just doesn’t trust that anyone has the story right. But, praise God, he was open to us praying with him!

Please pray that John comes to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and that he becomes surrounded by good and godly people, who will disciple him in the love and truth of God.

We gave out water, hygiene kits, food cards and some donated canned goods and food items—and, lots of love and prayer.

Special thanks to Randy and Louanne for donating the canned goods, Rita for the packaged snacks and all our supporters for your faithful prayers.

Next month, we’d like to call up the whole team, because there were so many more people in the park that—being a team of only two this time—we were unable to reach them all. Please consider joining us for our next outreach on Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015.

Tony and Koren