MAY HOMELESS OUTREACH RECAP | Our street team ministered May 27 to about 20 people living in and around Wildwood Park in San Bernardino, California.

Most joined us for our “church” service in the park and we were able to pray with a few. We could have connected with so many others, but our team was small that day. (Please consider volunteering at a future outreach—you are needed to pray, and to share the gospel and the compassionate love of Jesus Christ with people desperately in need of the hope and new life He offers.)

The divisive group that we encountered last time in the park appeared to have moved on, which was good news. We also experienced a beautiful movement of the Holy Spirit during worship, with several park residents joining hands, heads bowed, some weeping. We gave Bibles to those who needed them, and encouraged the group to read daily, pray and draw strength from the Lord and His word.


We also distributed much-needed water, hygiene kits, food cards, socks and light blankets. Thanks to recent donations, we were also able to provide nutritional supplements and new backpacks.

Thank you for your continued support of this ministry. Please keep in prayer all of the people who are experiencing homelessness here locally as well as nationwide. No matter what choices or circumstances may have led to them living on the street, their day-to-day reality is harsh and—just like all of us—they desperately need the love and salvation of Jesus Christ

Thank you for your support and prayers.


Tony and Koren

P.S. You’ll find more pictures (and also prayer requests) on our Facebook page.