FEBRUARY OUTREACH|Mark, one of the park residents, brought her to us for prayer as we wrapped up our Feb. 20 homeless outreach at Wildwood Park.

Lily (not her real name) smiled sheepishly.

Garish makeup covered what appeared to be a beautiful face no older than 21. She wore tight pants that had more slits than cloth and met our gaze with eyes simultaneously wide open and guarded.

Our minds raced with thoughts of what this girl may have seen and had to do to survive. Things no one should experience. Especially one so young.

In America we often think of the sex trade as being some far-off horror, belonging to countries in Asia or Africa. Yet it is right here at our doorstep.

Just beyond Wildwood Park, stretches 40th Street, a three-mile venue where the homeless and struggling pander for change and young women trade their bodies for cash. You have but to drive a short distance to view this harsh reality.

We prayed with Lily, letting her know that in God’s eyes she is beautiful and that the Lord is not like those who have abused her. And, despite the lies the enemy speaks to her heart, she does not have to stay in the hell she is experiencing.


Lily says she knows Jesus and has even been to church. She longs for the hope of His salvation, but for now seems resigned to continue in her trade.

Ministry to Lily and girls like her is a much-needed—and dangerous—work that’s outside of our ministry scope. So we are praying that God will send the laborers He has equipped for this particular harvest field. Not only to rescue Lily, but also others like her who fear there is no other way to survive.

If you know of a local service and/or ministry doing this work, please contact us, so we may direct Lily and others to their resources.


Thank you for your prayers and support. With your help, and the Lord’s blessing, we were able to hold “church” once again in the park. We ministered to about 20 people and distributed food cards, hygiene kits, water, Bibles, blankets and even tote bags (thank you, Hagar-Torres family), along with the Word of God and the love of Jesus Christ.

Please continue to keep us in prayer and consider joining us for an upcoming outreach. God bless you all.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We hope to hear from you.

Tony and Koren