MARCH HOMELESS OUTREACH RECAP | Hot, bright and sunny, the day in Wildwood Park seemed serene—perfect for an outreach and a salvation message before Resurrection Sunday.

For those experiencing homelessness, the weather presented mainly a safe haven in which to sleep. Nights, they said, are frightfully cold despite the spring weather. Interruptions come often, some of them signaling danger.

“My dog keeps watch. He lets me know when something’s up,” shared Kathye, a 50-something woman with a radiant smile and a loving heart, who continues to hope that she and her husband will get off the street. Their dog is part of their challenge. Most housing will not allow dogs, so they wrestle with the heartbreaking prospect of having to let their faithful companion go.

Two newcomers to Wildwood face different challenges. Recently released from prison, they’ve experienced firsthand the effect of state budget cuts to transitional housing programs for those returning to life on the “outside.” Most programs now have a yearlong wait list, so many must rely on the help of family and friends. Without such support, they end up on the street.

Not the best way to start anew.

We referred them to a resource that has helped others in their situation, and hope they will get the fresh start and support they need.


People came and went, some staying to hear the worship music and the message, while others kept at a distance until it was time to get food cards and hygiene kits. So we went out to them, and we prayed and listened and did our best to share compassion and the good news of Jesus Christ.

We also distributed water, Bibles, blankets, food cards, hygiene kits, socks, duffle bags and Del Taco burritos and tacos. A last-minute donation (thank you to the James family) allowed us to also share some holiday candy, which was a big hit.

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support. Special thanks go out to Christine for volunteering on her busy holiday weekend, and to Jonas for traveling all the way from Encino to help out.


Please contact us if you’d like to become involved in this ministry. Visit our volunteer page and our “How You Can Help” page to see the many different ways you can help. We look forward to serving together in our local mission field with you.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We hope to hear from you.

Tony and Koren

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